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Buy Sell Crypto for Cash

Come buy and sell cryptocurrency without an appointment.
Our team advises and guides you through each step.

We use innovative technology specially designed to perform safe and immediate operations.
Want to invest or rather need to withdraw your winnings in cash?


We welcome you all week, weekend and public holidays.

Bitcoin Balance

Bitcoin allows you to exchange value with whoever you want, without intermediaries, without borders, without constraints.


We have chosen to participate in this revolution. For this, we offer a solution accessible to all.


It is simple, fast and safe. Your Rex Change team advises and guides you if you are just starting out.


Come with cash, leave with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Come with Cash and Leave with Crypto and Vice Versa

Currently available:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE), Monero (XMR), Us dollar Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), DigitalSwissFranc (DSFR). Coming soon: Solana (SOL).

Please bring an identity document for any transaction exceeding 1000.-

save time
register now

Any crypto transaction exceeding 1000.- requires a validated  registration within 24 hours. Please follow the instructions via this Qr Code one day before visiting us to save time.


The Top for SECURING
your Cryptos

The best security 

When you own cryptocurrency, what you actually own is a private key. You need to secure it to secure your funds. Ledger offers the best level of protection: your key remains protected in a certified secure chip.


From the Ledger application, manage up to 5500 active cryptos. (iOS/Android compatible)

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