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Trtransfer and receipt of money
Around the world


With MoneyGram, receive money or send money orders worldwide.

For a reception, please prepare your identity document as well as the reference number of the shipment.


For a shipment, please present your identity document as well as provide the name and surname of your beneficiary.

Sending Money To Your Loved Ones Has Never Been Easier

Bring your identity document (CNI, Passport, Residence Permit, Driver's License, etc.)

Prepare the Name and First Name of the Recipient in advance

And pay in cash.

Then we carry out the mandate and give you a sheet with the Reference Number.

All you have to do is send this Number to your Recipient. this-he must then go to a MoneyGram Agency with 

Number and valid ID. He can then recover the money in Cash.

the money is available in 10 minutes!

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